Sarvann Movie Review

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      Sarvann Movie Review

      Rating :- 1/5 Reviewed by: Jasmine Singh Site:Tribuneindia

      The film does move from point A to B to C, but we can’t figure out, why it is moving in the first place, better still why is it being dragged from A to B at all.In the second half, after the interval, director Karaan Guliani decides to bring some sense into the film, which he was able to sustain only for 15-20 minutes.Despite a big name behind it (Sarvann is made under Priyanka Chopra’s production house), Sarvann fails to fulfil the promise of being a different and entertaining film. With only good songs and Amrinder Gill, how do you expect Sarvann to carry the weight of broken, weak and disjointed script and direction on its shoulders? This one star is just for Amrinder Gill for trying to carry this weight, still.

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