Jalsa Movie Review

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      Jalsa Movie Review

      Rating :- 2.5/5 Reviewed by: Sunayana Suresh Site: TimesOfIndia

      This film proves to be just another romcom with a lot of cliches. Jalsa begins on a shaky note with a rather badly choreographed fight, but it soon redeems itself with the narrative picking pace and generating curiosity. Newbie Niranjan shows promise as the lead, with a commendable performance for a first film. Akanksha had a decent role, but fails to rise to the occasion at crucial times. Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash are reduced to caricatures and end up just playing to the gallery. One can opt to watch this film if they like masala-laden romcoms — which cater more to the frontbenchers.

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      Jalsa | Kannada New HD Trailer 2016 | Niranjan Wadayarr | Akanksha | Music By Veer Samarth