Beautiful Manasugalu Movie Review

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      Beautiful Manasugalu Movie Review

      Rating :- 3.5/5 Reviewed by: Sunayana Suresh Site: TimesofIndia

      The film talks about love, romance and aspirations. But, most importantly, through his commercial narrative, Jayatheertha has done his two cents in showcasing how women are often used as commodities in a power game and has succeeded to a great extent mirroring the ill-effects of the same.The film, which is set in a surrounding that require it to be rustic, is glossy and good looking, which is pleasing to the eyes. Bharath BJ’s tunes linger in one’s mind long after the film is done. If you like love stories that are not all candyfloss and have a bit of a reality check, and aren’t looking for obvious over-the-top masala, then Beautiful Manasugalu makes for a refreshing watch.

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